Could Joseph and Imhotep have been the same person?

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The Amenemhat III Pyramid at Hawara – The Limestone Venere has fallen down exposing the core composed of millions of mudbricks (which were most likely made by the Jews when they were slaves in Egypt).

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The Israelites flourished and multiplied while Joseph (Imhotep) was alive.  They numbered over a million by the time of the Exodus.  By the 12th dynasty, the Pharaohs had forgoten Jospeh (Imhotep) and his connection with the Hebrews.  The Egyptians felt threatened by the Israelites and so the Israelites were enslaved by the 12th dynasty pharaohs and forced to make mud bricks.  It is likely that many of the Semitic slaves lived in Kahun and made mud bricks for the cores of the 12th dynasty pyramids.  After the Exodus, there was not enough slaves to make pyramids any more and so the pyramid age ended. 

The last great pyramid to be built was that of Amenemhet III at Hawara. 

Amenemhet III was most likely the pharaoh that Moses fled from. His daughter Sobeknefru was probably the princess that adopted Moses and raised him as her son.


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