Could Joseph and Imhotep have been the same person?

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A statue thought to Djoser's inscribed with Imhotep's name and titles.

A statue thought to be Djoser’s inscribed with Imhotep’s name and titles.
Note the Ibis birds carved on the top of the base

A statue thought to be Djoser’s inscribed with Imhotep’s name and titles

Imhotep, Chancellor of the King of Lower Egypt [3,4,5,6], Chief under the King (of Upper Egypt [3,6]), Administrator of the Great Palace, Hereditary Lord, High Priest of Heliopolis, Imhotep the Builder, the Sculptor, the Maker of Stone Vases [3,4,5,6]

The statue was found by Cecil Firth in 1926 [1].   In 1964  Walter Emery found a tomb close to the Step Pyramid [2].

The tomb contained thousands of pots containing mummified Ibis birds, falcons and baboons [3].

Imhotep’s mummy was never found.

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