Could Joseph and Imhotep have been the same person?

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Did Joseph bury his Pharaoh in a Grain Silo and then build a pyramid on top of it??

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At the bottom of the central shaft there is a platform on which stood the Sarcophagus of Djoser.  The shaft itself was cased with large limestone blocks and the roof was sealed with a heavy granite slab.  The Step Pyramid was constructed above.

Imhotep constructed an elaborate network of tunnels around the central shaft which linked to the main entrance tunnel.

Were these tunnels made to retrieve grain or were they made to throw off grave robbers?

Some of the tunnels actually went beneath the platform for the sarcophagus of Djoser.  Why was there a need for a platform?  Was the shaft originally used to store grain?  Were the tunnels used to retrieve grain from the bottom of the shaft?  Did the platform plug the hole in the bottom of the shaft used to access the grain.

Was the shaft first used to store grain and then converted into a burial chamber for Djoser?

The Step Pyramid Complex was designed by Imhotep. Some large man made pits that look like grain silos can be found within it’s walls.

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A statue of Imhotep in the Louvre.
It is likely that he is the Joseph of the Bible who saved Egypt from a 7yr famine by building grain silos such as these in cities around Egypt.
He was able to buy up all the land of Egypt for the pharaoh in exchange for the grain. This would of had to take place early in Egypt’s history. Joseph and Imhotep have many other similarities. For example, they both lived to the age of 110yrs, they were embalmed when they died and given a royal Egyptian burial, they imposed a 20% tax and they both married the daughter of the high priest of On. They both saved Egypt from a 7 yr famine. They were both visiers of non-royal or Egyptian blood.

A grain silo in the Step Pyramid complex. Access to the bottom of the silo is from the steps in the pit next to it.

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Grain would have been poured into the top of the pit and servants would have walked down stairs into the adjacent pit to retrieve grain through a small tunnel that connected the bottom of the pits.

There can be little doubt that the Djoser complex was a grain distribution and storage center.

Joseph = Imhotep ?

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Joseph (son of Jacob / Israel) and Imhotep (visor to Pharaoh Djoser)  have been suggested to be the same person.

Joseph was Imhotep